The excitement and anticipation for what God is doing in 2010 is almost overwhelming! This is a year of KINGDOM PROGRESSION that cannot be measured by "natural" steps. Near the end of December, God began to set us up for what was coming.


There was what appeared to be a whirlwind with lightening circling above our heads at all times. God said to just reach up into it, without intimidation, and grab what you need. There are ideas, inventions, stories, screenplays, artistic creations, solutions, new ways to create wealth, languages and there is power. There is ACCESS and ANOINTING to do what you can't do and what has never been done before at your fingertips.


He told us to "create sanctuaries" to focus and tune into Him in the most inconvenient times and places and always have something available to write or record. The ideas will come hard and they will come fast. You must GRAB THEM! God told us to walk around with the expectancy that 30 seconds of FOCUS on Him can ignite a movement, change a society, and fund a nation.


2010 will be a season of surprises and sudden breakthroughs! Don't just look at your expertise, your ability, or your limitations. EXPECT God to explode things out of you that you cannot do, accomplish even a little, or haven't even desired to do before. Be diligent...don't look at the "normal." Do not be surprised when EXTRAORDINARY promotion comes. Do not be surprised when you feel "conflicted" because what you have known to be "normal" isn't God's "normal." Everything has changed for you! It is as if you are stepping into a NEW CLOSET...in a NEW HOUSE...filled with NEW CLOTHES. That which has been hard in the past will be as easy as FLIPPING ON A LIGHT SWITCH.


It is as if God is stirring and charging up every cell of our body in order to be greater receptacles for what He is pouring out in this next season. Thank Him for INCREASED CAPACITY!!! What you have been praying for and declaring "by faith" manifests into REALITY. It all starts NOW!!! Expect it. See it. Step into it.

Want to impact the world? Let the WORLD participate in the goodness of God in your life as you release the testimony of His love and power. There is nothing like seeing someone's jaw drop as they see miracles happening right in front of them. Yay God - Our Heavenly Father gets all the glory!!!

Our prayer for you in 2010 is that you realize that we are all called to be CREATIVE KINGDOM EXPRESSIONS of His heart.