What happens when you pack 35 people into a small space who are passionate about pursuing the Face of Jesus? What happens when 35 people worship God in total abandon for 4 hours straight? What happens when 35 laid low lovers surrender their desires, dreams, needs, and lives to the Kingdom of Heaven? What happens when 35 people stand up for nations?

THE GLORY HAPPENS....that's what!!!!

The night was all about Him. We were there to crown Him with worship. It was a night to focus everything on the Creator of the Universe, who had chosen to abide in us.


At the beginning of the evening, Malachi 3:16 was shared:
“Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who esteem His name.

Imagine God journaling about those who came together with high expectation, on a Saturday evening to esteem His name. He gave attention to what was happening and rewarded us with deeper levels of His presence!


There was a word released about this being the time to do more than just sit comfortably receiving in His Presence. It was time to take a stand for something bigger than us...to ask for our inheritance...to ask God for nations. One by one, men and women began to rise and declare that we would hand God a nation as His reward. It was not a moment to be taken lightly! Many nations throughout the world were called out, as well as "nations" of influence, such as Media, Fashion, Finance, the Church, Education, etc....it was powerful!!! God is harvesting that which He planted, oh, so long ago.


Many sensed and saw angels in the room as we intentionally focused on making God BIG! Spontaneous songs broke out and you could see the shackles begin to fall. A holy boldness was imparted to seek out the treasures God had destined for us to find.

Some of the spontaneous songs that were released into the atmosphere were:

- "It's raining...It's pouring...His Presence is falling."
- "God's promises to us are YES, YES and AMEN!"
- "I have heard your prayers. I have seen your tears. I have known you since you were a little girl. I know you. So, don't be afraid. Just take My hand and I will lead you to all the places you have dreamed of going. I will take you there."
- "I'm setting you free! I'm setting you free! Will you receive my freedom? I have many treasures. I have many assignment to give out tonight. Will you receive them?"
- "Don't give up...Many have looked for treasures...They've looked for treasures. Don't stop searching...Don't stop pressing...Don't give up...It's right here...There is a treasure right here."
- "The night is over. Joy comes in the morning. I am for you. Who can be against you? I am for you. The night is over. Joy comes in the morning."


Someone saw our worship going up as food for God. Because He loved us first and because He is for us, we are able to love Him and worship Him. It's like a rain cycle of worship. His love FOR us is released FROM us, creating a vapor cloud OVER us, which then rains back down ON us. As we worship Him, He just continues to give us more of Himself!


God gave us keys to the city. The key is love. He has given us license to love...to hug...to say "I love you" on the streets of New York. There was an anointing to LOVE! There was an anointing to walk in greater love. God was "eavesdropping" on the evening. He saw our desire to walk in love and to be moved with compassion the way He was moved with compassion. We said "YES" to everything we saw Jesus do, which He saw His Father do.


The thick swirling Presence of God was in the room. God said, "Thank you for worshiping Me...Thank you for exalting Me...I long for my Bride to focus on Me...Thank you for making this night all about Me."

All night long, you could literally feel Holy Spirit turning up the dial as the atmosphere became thicker and thicker and thicker with God's glory! This was a day to be remembered and even as God was writing a remembrance of us, we told us to write a remembrance of this day that changed us all forever!