Every year at CKE is simply amazing!!!! Life stays incredibly busy and so miraculous, with so many new faces and so many God-stories, that we can't even keep up with our blog and journal all of the details. Here are SOME of the highlights....there were just so many. Forgive us if we have missed anything and please add it in the comments below.


- Thousands of treasures have walked through our
apartment door and pursued God with radical passion in worship and prayer!
- Ministry with CKE is overwhelming. Many mak the best decision of their lives and accept Jesus on the streets and in our worship services. There are radical healing and miracles right before our eyes. Deliverance from demonic strongholds happen in the midst of worship. The accurate prophetic word of the Lord touches us all as we align our vision with His Kingdom perspective and destiny words began to take form and turn into reality.
- CKE BLISS in Manhattan and NJ continues to grow and expand as we dive into the Word of God on a weekly basis and watch God come in and teach us how to be a counter-culture to what is exemplified in NYC as LOVE, HONOR, and ENCOURAGEMENT became the theme of our lives.


- World changers meet rain, shine, or snow nearly every single
Thursday to see the love of God explode on the streets of NYC...there were literally Signs and Wonders In Manhattan every week. With "Treasure Hunting", "Dream Interpretation", "Tattoo Reading", "Random Acts of Kindness", "Prophetic Christmas Cards", and "Love Encounters"...many experience the compassion and the power of God on subways, in Starbucks, on the streets, in Grand Central Station, and in Port Authority bus terminal.
- There were CKE members who travel the world, ministering in Brazil, Mozambique with Iris Ministries, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Africa, India and many other pl
aces internationally and all over the U.S..

- CKE goes GLOBAL!!!!
- Two of our very first CKE members and le
aders, Matt and Star Hawks, moved back home to Memphis, TN and started CKE Memphis. In 2013, CKE Houston was birthed and are reaching a beautiful group of Jesus lovers in Texas. Our ceiling is their floor as they bring love, grace, and the Kingdom of God to a religion-soaked region.
- A fearless team of laid low lovers of Jesus went into the heart of Hinduism in India and demonstrated the power and extreme love of God with CKE India and are heading back there in 2014.
They experience what seemed to mirror the New Testament as people surrounded them on the streets asking for prayer and getting healed in their bodies.
- As we take communion regularly, we pray for God to "re-member" us with the men and women from around the world with whom we were to be connected in the body of Christ for this Kingdom mandate. He continues to do that over and over again with Kingdom alignments that will last a lifetime.
- Aaron's parents, Jim and Sherry Horton, followed a Kingdom mandate, leaving Texas and everything that couldn't fit in their car, to come live the life of faith and join the CKE leadership team.
- We had the extreme honor of ministering and leading worship with some generals in the faith who have greatly impacted our lives...Georgian Banov, Heidi Baker, Stacey Campbell, Doug Addison, Tracy Armstrong, Jamie Galloway, Mahesh Chavda, Matt Sorger, Lance Walnou, Julie Meyer, Robert Stearns, and many others.

Our hearts are full...our memory banks are overflowing...our faces are plastered with perpetual smiles...and our expectation for "the next" is beyond measure. There is simply nothing as fulfilling as living in this natural world with a Kingdom perspective. Life just keeps getting better and better!

Living like we've arrived!!!!!


From the moment we landed in Delhi, India...the sights, smells, colors, noises, animals, and people demanded our attention!! What a thrilling, exhilarating, chaotic, beautiful and colorful nation. We landed on November 5th as India was celebrating, Diwali, known as the "Festival of Lights." For Hindus, it is one of the most important festivals of the year. There were fireworks going off until the wee hours of the morning and the entire city seemed to be lit up as homes were decorated for the holiday. What a perfect day to land in this nation and be carriers of JESUS' love - the Light of the world!!

VARANASI - 'holy city'

The next day we took an 11-hour train ride to Varanasi, considered a 'holy city' among Hindus. It is situated near the banks of the Ganges River, where they bathe in its 'sacred' waters to be cleansed of their sins. Here they cremate their dead because the Hindus believe they will have straight access into heaven, bypassing the lengthy reincarnation process. In this setting, the CKE team began our ministry in India!!! After all the planning, praying, and dreaming, we were finally beginning to see the reality of what the Lord had been preparing us for.

During a sunrise boat ride on the Ganges River, we declared Varanasi as a city of LIFE and not death. We declared it holy unto the Lord and prophesied that this region would see many souls come to know the extravagant love of the Father, the redemption of sins, and the abundant life Jesus died for!!


While in Varanasi, we ministered at a village church where the entire congregation passionately worshiped Jesus with so much joy and enthusiasm!! As we shared, people were getting healed and set free. We invited them to come forward for prayer and the Holy Spirit gave us accurate prophetic words to speak over many.

The next church we ministered at wasn't as responsive, but we kept plowing the ground with love and freedom. Holy Spirit gave us words of knowledge for physical needs and specifically, respiratory problems. Soon, two people stood up and responded. Then the floodgates opened as one by one, people began to come forward and receive accurate prophetic words, healing, and great encouragement. What began as a tough crowd, ended up being incredibly responsive and impacted by the love and power of God!!

The next day another Pastor heard about our ministry on Sunday, tracked us down, and had us come to his church & training center to pray prophetically over his entire staff. The Pastors and local leaders were so encouraged. They fed us delicious Biryani for lunch so it was absolutely worth it...ha ha ha!!


As we prayer walked and prophesied on the streets of Var
anasi, we were approached by a man to pray for his leg, and soon were surrounded by 15-20 people asking for prayer. There were so many people healed immediately...from back problems, to knee issues, and rotator cuff pain. We could hardly keep up with what the Lord was doing. Shopkeepers were actually leaving their shops and running into the crowd asking us to pray for their physical healing. It was almost like seeing the book of Acts come to life!!


In the city of Agra, near the Taj Mahal, we visited the Mother Teresa's home. Our team, as well as Pfizer, Colgate, and other companies had donated medical supplies and goodies to take to the orphanage. While there, we held babies, sang to the handicapped children, danced in the courtyard with the mentally challenged, and walked through the home speaking the mind of Christ over many of the 200 residents.

One of the sisters informed us that the mentally challenged people are totally unresponsive. That didn't deter us as we blessed and spoke the mind of Christ over each one! Soon the entire courtyard was filled with normally unresponsive people, who now were smiling, laughing and talking as we sang over them about the goodness of the Father. Before we knew it, the entire place became one big dance was like JESUS showed up to shower His love on His treasures!!!


After another long train ride back into Delhi, we ministered at the Sahara House, a Rehab home where drug addicts, alcoholics, and aids victims are going through treatment. We led worship, preached, and prayed for many of the residents. Even though many of them feel like an outcast from society and family and see no purpose for their lives, the Lord sees such incredible value and worth in each one of them!

One man came up to us with tears in his eyes and said before we had arrived, he had spent considerable time looking for a scripture verse and didn't know where it was. He was surprised when we began to share on Jeremiah 29:11 - that very scripture that he had been looking for. This was a confirmation to him that God deeply loved and valued him! Another gentleman was healed of an arm injury and was able to lift his hand without any pain, after we prayed for him!! God is incredibly thoughtful about our specific needs!!!


We also ministered at churches and a YWAM base in Delhi, through worship, preaching the Word and praying for Pastors, leaders, and many who came forward for ministry. The Lord gave us accurate prophetic words to release over them all. Their faith was built up as they saw God highlight very specific needs they had and showed them in a tangible way, how much He deeply loved and care for them!!


Our last event was a concert for the youth in the heart of cosmopolitan Delhi. Two rock bands opened up the night...with screaming guitars, lights, smoke and head banging music lovers!! The words of life that were shared made an impact on many in the auditorium. There are 348 million young people between the ages of 15-34 in India...Imagine the lovers of God, leaders, reformers, and history makers that are in that age group!! What an amazing thing to team up with a national ministry called LiveJam, that just finished a nine city tour reaching up to 40,000 kids at various public schools!! We had a common desire to see a generation of radical, world changing youth be unleashed for cultural transformation!!

The heart and mission of CKE India is to raise up sons and daughters who will know the Father's extreme love, be secure in their identity in Christ, use their gifts to shine in their Kingdom purpose, and to dream and co-labor with the Creator to impact their culture and nation!!

We will be going back to India soon to build and expand what God began on this groundbreaking trip!!