What happens when you pack 35 people into a small space who are passionate about pursuing the Face of Jesus? What happens when 35 people worship God in total abandon for 4 hours straight? What happens when 35 laid low lovers surrender their desires, dreams, needs, and lives to the Kingdom of Heaven? What happens when 35 people stand up for nations?

THE GLORY HAPPENS....that's what!!!!

The night was all about Him. We were there to crown Him with worship. It was a night to focus everything on the Creator of the Universe, who had chosen to abide in us.


At the beginning of the evening, Malachi 3:16 was shared:
“Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who esteem His name.

Imagine God journaling about those who came together with high expectation, on a Saturday evening to esteem His name. He gave attention to what was happening and rewarded us with deeper levels of His presence!


There was a word released about this being the time to do more than just sit comfortably receiving in His Presence. It was time to take a stand for something bigger than us...to ask for our inheritance...to ask God for nations. One by one, men and women began to rise and declare that we would hand God a nation as His reward. It was not a moment to be taken lightly! Many nations throughout the world were called out, as well as "nations" of influence, such as Media, Fashion, Finance, the Church, Education, etc....it was powerful!!! God is harvesting that which He planted, oh, so long ago.


Many sensed and saw angels in the room as we intentionally focused on making God BIG! Spontaneous songs broke out and you could see the shackles begin to fall. A holy boldness was imparted to seek out the treasures God had destined for us to find.

Some of the spontaneous songs that were released into the atmosphere were:

- "It's raining...It's pouring...His Presence is falling."
- "God's promises to us are YES, YES and AMEN!"
- "I have heard your prayers. I have seen your tears. I have known you since you were a little girl. I know you. So, don't be afraid. Just take My hand and I will lead you to all the places you have dreamed of going. I will take you there."
- "I'm setting you free! I'm setting you free! Will you receive my freedom? I have many treasures. I have many assignment to give out tonight. Will you receive them?"
- "Don't give up...Many have looked for treasures...They've looked for treasures. Don't stop searching...Don't stop pressing...Don't give up...It's right here...There is a treasure right here."
- "The night is over. Joy comes in the morning. I am for you. Who can be against you? I am for you. The night is over. Joy comes in the morning."


Someone saw our worship going up as food for God. Because He loved us first and because He is for us, we are able to love Him and worship Him. It's like a rain cycle of worship. His love FOR us is released FROM us, creating a vapor cloud OVER us, which then rains back down ON us. As we worship Him, He just continues to give us more of Himself!


God gave us keys to the city. The key is love. He has given us license to love...to hug...to say "I love you" on the streets of New York. There was an anointing to LOVE! There was an anointing to walk in greater love. God was "eavesdropping" on the evening. He saw our desire to walk in love and to be moved with compassion the way He was moved with compassion. We said "YES" to everything we saw Jesus do, which He saw His Father do.


The thick swirling Presence of God was in the room. God said, "Thank you for worshiping Me...Thank you for exalting Me...I long for my Bride to focus on Me...Thank you for making this night all about Me."

All night long, you could literally feel Holy Spirit turning up the dial as the atmosphere became thicker and thicker and thicker with God's glory! This was a day to be remembered and even as God was writing a remembrance of us, we told us to write a remembrance of this day that changed us all forever!


What an amazing last few weeks!!!! Can life seriously just keep getting better and better? The simple answer is "YES"...when you know who you are and WHOSE you are.

Some of the CKE crew were able to go to the Great Grace Conference in NJ with Georgian Banov, Patricia King, Heidi Baker, and many other great men and women of God. One of the key themes of the conference was "CHANGING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH NEED." There is a place of Kingdom living where you see "need" as an opportunity..."void" as a place to create..."desert" as the Promised land...and "barrenness" as a perfect birthing chamber!

People with promise and God's "megas" favor walk into desolation and see things automatically begin to turn around because we know we were created in the image of God. The Creator of the Universe created us to do what He did and that's HUGE!

OCT. 17th - CKE

This was our 17th meeting of CKE and the sweet Presence of God filled the room with power and overwhelming love, touching everyone from ages 14 - 84. It was a night of expanding our horizons and accessing the Kingdom of Heaven without limits. There was an anointing and freedom to simply receive from the Father. A word was given about a "great propulsion of grace" giving us the ability to do more than we could ever do in the natural, not based on performance whatsoever. It's the grace of knowing nothing can separate us from His adoring love, which gives us the ability to be fearless lovers and thrive in a place of seeing natural impossibilities becoming possible.

There were accurate prophetic words given that brought freedom to those dealing with specific hindrances for nearly 20 years. It is always such a pure picture of love when God comes in to the deepest part of our weakness and floods it with His supernatural strength!

The group prayed for Cara and James as they embark on this new journey of life together. What an honor to see such an example of how Christ loves the church in this couple who are about to be married, and who are committed to Kingdom purpose with all that is within them!

The best part of the evening was when two precious first-time guests prayed the prayer of salvation
and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Oh the party that must have been going on in Heaven!!!


What if everyone actually believed what they read in the Bible? There is a group of RADICAL men and women in New York & New Jersey who really do!

One young lady, who had to drop out of school for a year, is having to work 2 jobs to survive, but knows it is strategic for the Kingdom. She also knows that maybe she was working at CVS last week to walk in the authority of the resurrection power of Jesus to declare life into a man who died right there in the pharmacy section of the store, but isn't dead any more! Thank You Jesus!!!

This month, there were many out of town guests who received accurate prophetic words, mega "hot seat" ministry, and left New York soooo encouraged by the love and passion for God that they experienced with this amazing group of people.

Another young lady who has only been saved about a year went home a few weeks ago to see her family and found out that her Catholic Grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes. On a previous trip home, she had led her mother and sister in the prayer of salvation, so on this trip, she began to lead them all into declarations of healing from the Word to contradict this diagnosis. Her mom called last week and said that Gram went to the doctor to get tested again, and the doctor said, "I don't know what happened and can't explain it, but our tests show that you don't have diabetes." Yay God!

Every single week, God is calling us all to new levels of intimacy and dependence on Him. One young man "got his mail read" by Holy Spirit, and was able to see God's love and purpose for him in a tangible way. When that happens, it gives you the confidence to step into those things that have been hidden in your heart and see them become a reality.

A word of knowledge was given in a service about pain in someone's right shoulder. A woman come up with pain in her right shoulder, neck, and back. After praying that God's perfect love engulf her life like a cocoon, she felt the warmth of the Spirit and was totally healed and pain free!

So hopeful to know that our God is ALWAYS in a good mood!!



What a month it's been so far...filled with many encounters of God invading our impossible!

One of the central themes at CKE has been FOCUS. In a season when many are looking for jobs...fear is coming from every direction...money is tight...the world seems to be getting darker...and uncertainty is trying to take root...there is only ONE solution! We must be a people with dedicated focus...to let Him captivate our gaze and not let it be diverted from His face. God is lovingly calling us to look to Him and trust in His promises. As that happens, He is able to invade our impossible situations, thus making Heaven's reality become our earthly reality. That is GOOD NEWS!!!!

Sept. 5th - CKE

We had an amazing time of worship directly before God's throne, experiencing waves of His rich presence. Many prophetic words were declared to individuals, propelling them into their destinies. One of our men read Isaiah 43:21 saying "The people whom I formed for Myself will declare My praise." A prophetic song was released..."I was formed for Your Praise. I was formed for Your fame. It's the reason why I live..."

Sept. 11th - Ministry down at the World Trade Center site

A small group went downtown in the rain to be "love personified" to the hurting people who experienced such loss 8 years ago. It was amazing how fresh the wound of that day still seemed as thousands filled the area with tears running down their faces. One fireman, who was a survivor of the day, but lost many friends and family on 9/11, spent 45 minutes telling us his story. He had a face to face encounter with LOVE! At the end of the day, we met Kathy, who had just sprained her knee down on the wet pavement. She sadly told the story of what she saw that day, then let us pray for her. Her eyes widened as most of the pain went away immediately. Five minutes later, she walked by without a limp. Yay God!!!

Sept. 19th - CKE

We began the night releasing testimonies around the room. It was amazing! (Rev. 19:10 "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.") The atmosphere was charged with the knowledge that what He has done, He will do again! At one point during worship, Holy Spirit led us to use our own voices as instruments to release sounds of worship...this created multiple sounds weaving beautifully together as one sound of worship went up before the Lord.

Flippin People - There was a word given to one of our guys, who is a real estate developer: "In the same way you 'flip houses', God will use you to 'flip people.' Drug addicts will be transformed into businessmen. You will be used to create supernatural 'rags to riches' stories where lives will be radically changed as they move instantly from one dynamic to another dynamic living out their Kingdom purpose."

NYC Encounters... Healing on Park Avenue...

A key part of CKE is to cover NYC in prayer. Every Wednesday we take ground with our feet and through prophetic intercession on the streets of Manhattan. Some of the locations we've covered so far have been: MTV, NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, Fashion Ave (5th Ave), Fashion Houses (Armani, Dior), and Park Ave.

At the last NYC Encounter, one of our team members, who recently got saved in July, joined us. Her back was in intense pain and she was unable to bend down. Right there on Park Avenue, we laid hands on her and watched God immediately heal her back. All pain was gone. She was able to bend down and do what she couldn't do before!!

JT, one of our CKE men, gave us this challenge: "Never be afraid to let your light shine. There are so many hurting people out there, and we have something they don't have. We just can't hide it and keep it to ourselves." SHINE His love on everyone you meet today!


We had an amazing CKE event last Saturday...numerous immediate healings, powerful salvation encounters, life altering transformations, and a rich awareness of the Presence of JESUS...isn't our God spectacular?

We saw 2 people healed of heel spurs, a young Hindu man accept Jesus as his Savior, 1 spine straighten, someone healed from stuttering, someone healed of migraine headaches, and a young lady baptized in the Holy Spirit...it was the Bible becoming real and Heaven on earth!!!

Signs & Wonders...Staten Island Ferry

Don't you love when God unexpectedly decides to show up and show off!!!! Who would have thought that a leisurely ride on the Staten Island Ferry would result in crazy GOD ENCOUNTERS? We sat down next to Laura, who out of the blue said that her foot hurt really bad from an excruciating bone spur she had for years. As we prayed for her, her foot began to get really warm, so we encouraged her to test it out. She began jumping up and down, dancing and screaming, saying "Come get healed...come get healed!" We made quite a scene on the ferry - Yay God!

After that, Valli, who was sitting on the other side asked us to pray for her finances and anxiety. In talking to her about the love of God, and just seeing what God had done for Laura, she asked Jesus into heart!!!! Woo Hoo - Huge party in Heaven!!!! She had big tears rolling down her face and said she just felt really good all over. Awwwww....this stuff just wrecks me!

Single In The City...for Ladies only!

We had a phenomenal 3 week series taking an honest and nonreligious look at dating, purity, and sexual values in today's society. Imagine a group of beautiful, talented and successful women radiating the love and glory of God who are committed to living lives of purity in their singleness, dating, courting, engagement, and marriages. What a privilege to be able to stand up on our wedding day and after years of marriage, knowing that our lives are a sign and wonder in the midst of a world that fights against everything we stand for and believe in. Stay tuned for more "Single in the City" events!!!!

July 2009 ~ A month of Kingdom Realities!!!

At CKE, we are choosing to view our world, through the eyes of Abba Father's outrageous love and His constantly overflowing goodness!! God has a great track record - He has never, ever, ever, EVER failed...He's brilliant at being GOD...so we are 'sentenced' to victory when our trust is in Him!!

What an exciting month we've had...here are some highlights from July:

July 4th - Fireworks!!!
We had 27 people at our 4th of July party...from an overflowing table of food, to making new friends, to playing Catchphrase on the terrace, to watching some phenomenal fireworks...it was an amazing day which ended with impromptu ministry to three young men who came over for the first time. God radically touched each one of their lives...one of them, after having been prayed for, said, "I feel so free." They were so impacted by the selfless love everyone showered on them...yay God!!!

CKE Kids
Our first CKE Kids launched on July 16th. We spent the afternoon training them on how to 'Treasure Hunt' and go on adventures with Holy Spirit. In an hour, we impacted 21 lives with the love of God. They were prayed for, encouraged and blown away that God highlighted them. The kids had fun & were so excited that they too could hear God's voice and see people encountering God's presence. They can't wait to go 'Treasure Hunting' again!!!

Single in the City - For Ladies Only...
On Tuesday, July 21st, 14 women gathered to take an honest and nonreligious look at dating, purity, and sexual values in our culture.

In a society where purity in character and relationships seems archaic, boring and 'holier-than-thou', God is raising up a generation that choose to walk in His freedom and value HIS heart above the compromise and bondage that the enemy offers. Even if we have failed, God's heart is for our complete restoration.

We've received such great feedback from the first session...

"This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for being real."

"Now that I'm saved, I need to know how to relate to Christian guys...(Single in the City) helps me in this..."

"Knowing that others have the same questions and struggles, helps me to know I'm not alone in this journey... thank you for doing this...it is SO needed."

There are more exciting events lined up for "Single in the City"...stay tuned for more details!!!

We live during a time, where the thin line between heaven and earth is closing in and God is calling His Bride to say "YES" to His heart and influence our world with demonstrations of His love. Whoever we are, wherever we're from, all God is asking for, is a heart that says, "Yes, use me." Dream big with God and you may be surprised what He does in and through you!!


Wow! What a week it has been. As of today, four celebrities in the entertainment and media industry have passed away. Each of them were precious and mattered to JESUS. His love for them, is deep, immeasurable and unconditional. We are commissioned to love our neighbor – those in our world - with that same Christ-like Love.

How do we do that? By pursuing intimacy with Jesus and staying hungry for HIS Presence – involving HIM in every area of our lives – communing with HIM at work, on the campus, at dinner, during times of joy, times of uncertainty, when we make important and even not-so-important decisions...HE welcomes every part of our life and longs to be in relationship with us.

From that place of intimacy with LOVE Himself, we receive His transforming Love in our own lives, and are empowered by His Spirit to love those in our world. When that happens, transformation WITHIN and WITHOUT will take place in our circle of influence - which will then affect our society, our culture and our world!

It’s difficult to remain defeated, broken, hopeless, and bound in sin, when you encounter the wild, powerful, beautiful, authentic, eternal and beyond-logic love of JESUS!!

So what are the ingredients of this kind of relentless, enduring LOVE?

1. Love is patient.

2. Love is kind.

3. Love is not jealous and does not envy.

4. Love does not boast.

5. Love is not proud.

6. Love is not rude.

7. Love is not self-seeking.

8. Love is not easily angered. It does not become irritated. It is not touchy.

9. Love keeps no record of wrongs.

10. Love does not delight in evil but it rejoices in truth.

11. Love always trusts, and believes all things.

12. Love always hopes.

13. Love always perseveres.

14. Love goes on forever.

Now read the list and replace the word "love" with "God." God is not just loving, He IS Love!

All the special gifts and powers from God will someday come to an end, but love goes on forever...there are three things that remain -- faith, hope, and love -- and the greatest of these is Love. I Corinthians 13: 4-8, 13 (LBV)

Let's challenge one another to show the tangible love of JESUS, to each individual we come into contact with, today! "They will know we are CHRISTians, by our love..."

Living Backwards, Upside Down and Impossible

So this is what we are called to do....our job description...to live backwards, upside down, and absolutely impossible. Isn't that just like God? The funny thing is that to Him, it is totally forward, right side up, and not only possible, but NORMAL.

So...are there really people who have chosen to live completely "unfashionable" in this society? Jesus did. He said that in order to live, we must die. In order to find life, we must lose it. Though He was rich, He became poor. Though He was King, He became a servant to all. It is a decision to go as absolutely low as possible, placing yourself in a posture of complete dependence on the One who is fully dependable.

You see...When you know that the Creator of the Universe truly wants you to access everything He is and literally overtake you with abundance, you don't have to promote yourself. You don't have to strive. You don't have to walk in fear and doubt. You simply believe that you are accepted, loved, cherished, and not only in relationship, but actually co-laboring with the One who is withholding NOTHING from you.

So, what do you say? Shall we live totally "unfashionable" in this society, daring to believe that God will exalt us, provide for us, surround us with favor, and let His power be displayed through our lives? I'm in....are you?

What happens when a hungry group of men and women come together for one purpose...His Face! The Word of God infused our worship as the fragrance of Heaven filled the room. In a prophetic act, we released our will to Him and stepped over into total dependence on a trustworthy God, with NO BACK-UP PLAN.

The men of CKE got totally blasted as the women surrounded them and spoke to the greatness of God in their lives...calling them to be men of integrity, purity, lovers of the Word, worshipers, and leaders with Kingdom purpose.

Last week in Columbus Circle, 6 radical men and women broke through the facade of happiness, wealth, and success to let people know that God loved them and had a plan for their lives. It was a beautiful encounter that they never expected, but I know they will never forget. Prophetic words and miraculous healing happened right in the lobby of the Time Warner Center.

God is so good and this is THE GOOD LIFE!!!!

20 Representing Millions!!!

What happens when 20 hungry people come together for ONE PURPOSE...HIS FACE!!!!

The room could hardly contain the heart and passion for MORE of Him...GREATER measure of His Glory...ABUNDANCE of souls into the Kingdom...Love RESOUNDING in our worship...His Word REVEALED...More Lord!!!!

God opened up the WORD to us around the room in a beautiful way:

- Rom 8:38 "...Nothing shall separate us from the love of God..."
- Num 6:24-26 "...the Lord make His face shine upon you..."
- Isa 64:1-4 "...make your name known...Nations tremble at Your Presence..."
- Mark 8:1-10 "...Jesus had compassion on the multitude...fed 4000 with 7 loaves and a few small fishes...They ate and were FILLED (satisfied)."
- Rom 8:15 "You did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of Adoption by whom we cry out, ABBA, ABBA."


We are living in the tension of 2 worlds....ONE where we are completely satisfied in Him and ONE where we are soooo ravenously hungry for MORE of Him. Where there is friction....stuff happens. There was an illustration of one substance on it's own that just "is", but when you put it together with something completely different, they become explosive together.

The tension of these 2 worlds have come together tonight to create:
- An "energy-rich" environment
- An explosive "creativity-rich" environment
- An "idea-rich" environment
- A "fertile-rich" environment


- "I am planting you in this rich soil...digging out the old, stale, hard soil. He is placing us into new soil, that is full of life, oxygen, and food...Transplanting equals Transformation in the Spirit"
- "There is something deepening...there is a deeper unity and camaraderie...it's a new day with new meaning and new purpose. It's deeper than yesterday. It's fresh. It's alive. It's new. It's fertile. It's growing. It's deep. Things got cut away, so that things that are only of God can be brought to the next level. He is pruning us all to move forward unhindered and unencumbered. Be willing to lay on the operating table as long as it takes. He is getting us to the place of who we REALLY ARE. I am GLORIFIED when you bear much fruit!"

- Isa 45:8 "...Heavens rain down righteousness...let the earth open...let them bring forth salvation and let righteousness spring up together....I, the Lord, have created it."

ABIDE - Every answer for every question is found in this place!
- John 15:1-16 "I am the true vine and my Father is the vine dresser...ABIDE IN ME as I ABIDE IN YOU..."


- Laugh in the face of the enemy
- See yourself free...What do I look like FREE? See it! Believe it! Let that vision be on the forefront of everything else you see and do. Hold onto that vision TIGHT and FAST.
- It all boils down to "Believing"

Love Encounters All Over Columbus Circle!!!

Last Thursday night, there were "Love Encounters" happening all over Columbus Circle! It was sooooo awesome.

We began the evening by praying together and asking God for the "prophetic clues" for our Treasure Hunt. You could feel the love beginning to grow in all of our hearts as we asked God to "open our eyes beyond the exterior to see those who were blind, hurting, broken-hearted, and in need." Many came that night to go shopping, get a cup of coffee, or just relax...THEY GOT JESUS!

Here are some of the testimonies:

- We talked to a lady in Starbucks who was Buddhist. She wanted prayer for her parents to have long life.

- There was a young lady and her friend by the name of Emily in Whole Foods who wanted prayer for a job. The girls sat down at the table where they were eating and prayed for both of them, who were totally receptive.

- We prayed for a woman in a wheel chair who had just arrived today with her daughter from Germany for a 10 day vacation in NYC! I prayed for healing for the mother and a wonderful trip. What a welcome for them and first impression!

- We prayed for a pregnant woman working at Bebe. I first told her how beautiful she was and then I asked her if I could pray for the baby and the birth. What mom wouldn't want prayer for that?! I sensed she really appreciated it and needed the encouragement.

- Spoke to a Muslim man about Jesus. That Jesus came to die for our sins so we could be with Him in Heaven. It was probably the first time he'd ever heard about Jesus. I prayed that the Lord would reveal himself to him and he thanked me! WOW!!!!!

- Tonight we told many people that Jesus loved them, God wasn’t mad at them, and that He was in a good mood!! I saw a guy by the name of Ray walking on the third floor of the mall, and then I saw him again later downstairs. I told him we were treasure hunting and that he wasn’t on my map at all, but since this was the second time I had seen him, I knew it was God. I was able to talk to Him about how amazing God’s love is. He said he knew that God has sent me because he needed to be reminded that God remembered him.

- I feel like everyone I spoke to and prayed for received it and felt blessed. Once I started stepping out, it got easier and easier. I was so encouraged to know that I was being a vessel for the Lord. It was a lot of fun!

- At the end of the evening as we met to share testimonies, one of the team members had just arrived, and missed the outreach. She was wearing an animal print jacket, which happened to be one of the clues on our list. We laid hands on her and thanked God for touching her body because she had been sick and in lots of pain for days. She was instantly HEALED!!! Praise God. She thought she was coming to go "Treasure Hunting", but instead, she was the Treasure." YAY GOD!!!


The last three CKE meetings have been rich with wisdom and revelation as we surrendered our worship as incense to the Creator of the Universe.

Here are some of the prophetic words proclaimed into the atmosphere:

- There is a Spirit of Expectancy that is opening the door for a Supernatural move of Holy Spirit.

- Song: I will go free, because "Free people free people."

- There is an open Heaven over us!

- The younger generation humbled ourselves in a prophetic act to the older generation of Generals who have gone before us to prepare the way. We surrounded them and prayed a blessing over their lives as they continue to be the Spiritual Mothers and Fathers to this generation of revivalists. They responded, by surrounding us and praying a blessing over us. It was a beautiful act of unity and LOVE!!!! God is breaking down the generational barriers as we submit to one another in love, and selflessly move together in genuine desire for His Presence.

- There are books and manuscripts in this room, just waiting to be released!

- "New territory...every place the sole of your foot shall tread...I have ALREADY given you." (Joshua 1:8)

- There is HUGE POWER that is released in the Testimony of what God has done to prophetically propel us into faith for the next opportunity to see Him move. Rev 19:10 "The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy."

- NO LIMITS!!! The "Do Not Enter" tape has been ripped off. NO LIMITS!!!

- New songs were birthed and written.

Every time we meet, the atmosphere gets richer and richer. What an honor to do Kingdom Business with amazing men and women who are sold out to a pursuit of His FACE above all else!!!

The Most Explosive CKE Yet!!

Last night 15 people gathered for our seventh CKE event. The atmosphere was filled with expectation & we came prepared for God to speak & move! And HE did...beyond our expectation!! Some of the key words released last night were:

* Supernatural Unity is happening among us, which paves the way for a massive move of God, like that of Azusa Revival...but it'll be even greater because of the times we live in!

* God knows what He has invested in us and He's putting a demand on His investment. He's a wise Businessman!

* All of us are LEADERS - it's like right here in this room we're at a Round table at the White House

* II Cor. 4:7 "We have this treasure in earthen vessels so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God."

* Our obedience is our anointing...out of obedience comes blessing

* What's in your hand? Surrender the 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes in your hand & I will bless, break & multiply it...so what's in your hand?

* Reign in my Authority in what I've called you to do

* Grab the scepter...when Egypt was in famine & crisis - God set Joseph as the leader with the answers. So grab the scepter & rule in what God has called you to do!

* Daniel 3 - Three Hebrew young men who did not compromise even though they lived in an evil empire

* No more excuses!!

* No can define us...because they didn't design us!

* The power of Creation is in your hands. Just as He created & FASHIONED the world out of nothing...He has empowered you IN HIM, to influence your world with His creative power!


Once again, God exceeded our expectations at the S.W.I.M. event in Columbus Circle and Central Park!!! Eleven radical lovers of God decided to get outside of the "norm" and came expecting a move of God. The week had been filled with pointed prayer towards this landmark day in midtown NYC.

The team met together and garnered lots of attention as we prayed for and wrote down the specific "clues" as to where we were to go and who to minister the love of Jesus to. We then broke into small groups of 2 and spent the next 3 hours "changing the atmosphere" in Columbus Circle.

Previously in prayer, God had shown us a picture of a piece of cardboard with "Need a miracle? Free Prayer!" on it. The response was amazing. Nine different people came up to the group with the sign and asked for prayer. It was awesome to see the results from a strategy given by Holy Spirit.

Jay, a Jewish man, was very open and receptive and asked for prayer for family reconciliation. Lauren and Jana were blown away that someone would care enough to tell them about the love of God. Natalie and Emily had just arrived from Ohio and asked for prayer for a Rabbi they had met on the plane who was on his way to minister in Darfur. God totally touched them as well!!!

We prayed for skateboard tricks to come easily, two people to be healed from cancer, miraculous opportunities to come, job clarity, finances, a blind eye to be healed, and were even able to pray for a monk who asked for a closer relationship with Jesus. It was awesome!!!

Randi and Felicia were walking towards our team, when two psychics cut them off to read their palms. The team just prayed and waited until they were finished, then said "We believe in the power of God so much that we are willing to give you $20 to replace what you paid the psychic if you will let us pray for you." They said, "Yes, we are looking for answers." They encountered the Presence of God!!!

All together, 25 different people from all walks of life with many different needs were touched individually, right in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world. It was truly an honor!!!


Since we last updated you…we have added to our ministry staff with the addition of Dallas Freeman, who sensed the call of God to move to NYC! Welcome Dallas…you are a mighty woman of God and we are excited to see the unfolding of the plan of God for you in this season!


"Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle." Exodus 40:34
  • This night is "Paramount" & "Pivotal" (chief in importance or impact; supreme; preeminent, of vital or critical importance)

  • The wait is over. The shift has taken place. No struggle. It's easy.

  • Another level of "BE"... Don't get so caught up in the seeking, that you don't see Him and "Be" with Him. It's so easy to miss, but so easy to access.

  • New assignments for prayer are being given out

  • New industries are being formed

  • God is giving us blueprints in the Spirit tonight

  • God says, "Lean on Me...My strength is made perfect in your weakness." God began giving us a deeper revelation of what that looks like in our lives. What is the area of your greatest weakness? See His strength as PERFECT in that place!

  • Tonight there is an advancement of the Kingdom with "unusual anointing"...walk into your purpose NOW

  • He will bring you before Hollywood celebrities, politicians, orphanages in India, the nations...doors open to you...

  • God is giving us faith for DOMINION & faith for Signs, Wonders and Miracles!

  • You proceed...I provide!!!

These words came as text messages during the meeting from Aaron's parents in Texas:

  • Divine Placement...Things in the making and things to come!

  • Eph. 3:6...we are "fellow heir of the same body and partakers of His promise in Christ..."

God said, "If anyone was wondering...There is NOTHING insignificant about what is going on here. Everything is changing. This is HUGE! Never the same. I have orchestrated every word, every song, every person, every outfit...in the Spirit. It looks very different than in the natural. Begin to ask me what it looks like...There is a specific 'outfit' for a specific 'purpose.' Tonight, more layers and accessories have been added for your purpose.

The angels filled the room & we all felt the tangible Presence of God!!!!


Welcome to our first ever CKE BLOG. Saturday night, January 24, marked the 4th CKE Meeting. Our group of world changers grows every time we meet. We packed 26 "Presence" hungry men and women into our apartment, with room for many more!!!

New revelations and visions were birthed, a deeper wealth of knowledge and wisdom was imparted, and the hunger of God was stirred up on the inside of us like never before. We worshiped for hours and just basked in the sweet Presence of God. The passion in the room was electric!!! In remembering the believers all over the world who risk their lives to meet together and worship, as well as those who were part of seeing entire countries transformed in revival, we were all stirred with gratitude at the privilege of the time and season we are living in. New York City will be forever effected by what happens in this place!!!

Isa 45:33 says, "I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." Everything we need is ALREADY inside of us. No limits...No religious boxes...No fear...No backing down! As we step into a place of increased capacity, we are learning to access HIS creativity, designs, books, business ideas, songs, lyrics, ideas, inventions, hidden mysteries, and INSIGHTS INTO THE KINGDOM with new clarity and authority.

We prayed for the "seer" anointing to be increased and had an impartation for more dreams and visions. God often communicates in dreams that give us insight about our future and destiny, an area of needed intercession for someone else or ourselves, or even possibly an area in our lives where He wants us to grow. Go to bed with a question to Him and have a pen and journal handy. Write your dreams down when you wake up, so that you don't forget details. Thank God for "eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying" and ask Holy Spirit to give you the interpretation. He may direct you to the Word, to a particular book, or just speak directly to your spirit. Thank you Daddy for dreams and visions!

A word came for us not to be limited to the natural. God has a supernatural solution to what you think would only have a natural solution. So...DREAM BIG. God told us all, "AS BIG AS YOU CAN DREAM, I CAN GO BIGGER!!!!"

CKE is the place to think and step outside of the box in any area to which God has called you to. Maybe there is a song in your heart that you are ready to release. What about that book or screenplay that the Holy Spirit is constantly nudging you to write? Is there an invention just waiting to be birthed and discovered? There are business ideas just waiting to be unlocked from the Kingdom of Heaven. There are designs longing to be freely tapped into from the CREATOR of the Universe. This is your season to step out in the anointing and the gifts that God has given you!!!

The time is NOW. God told us that the DREAM inside of us could not be contained anymore. It is time NOW... NOW... NOW... NOW... RIGHT HERE... RIGHT NOW... RIGHT HERE... RIGHT NOW!

PLEASE POST your comments, questions, insights, dreams, pictures, and what God spoke to you or through you at CKE last Saturday.

CKE FOUNDERS ~ Aaron Horton & Johanna Macden