Can a TESTIMONY change us? Is there something released as we share our stories that can transform lives around us? When we impart stories of God's goodness, doubt turns to faith, fear turns to courage, and disappointment turns to expectation! The very atmosphere shifts when we release HEAVEN'S REALITY in the face of natural "facts"!


"Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Matt 6:10

This should be our focus in prayer. When God gives us a revelation from His Word, it is to help us pray with that focus in mind! ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Let's exercise our authority! "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven." Matt 18:18


~ While praying in the East Village, I saw a woman in the spirit who felt trapped with no way out. She was completely surrounded by darkness and God reached down and plucked her out of a compromising situation and set her in a safe place. As we walked further, one of the women on the team revealed that the person I saw was her! She was blown away that God met her right there and gave her the strength to do what she needed to do.

~ Our team sat with and listed to a group of homeless guys. God gave us prophetic
words over their destinies and physical needs. They were blown away. One of the guys kept saying he was a scumbag. I responded, "No, you're a treasure. I would be a scumbag too, if it wasn't for Jesus." God gave me a picture of him being a speaker at prisons and high school assemblies. His friends agreed saying, "You're so right. He is very well spoken and articulate."

~ As I was praying the morning of SWIM, I saw a picture of a tattooed man with nodules all over his body. The tattoos looked like a timeline of events in his life. Later that night, God highlighted Dave as we walked through the East Village. Amazingly enough, he had been a target of God's love the week before with some girls from our group, who had a word of knowledge about his leg that had been shattered. He experienced healing and was not limping at all this week. We showered him again with destiny words and God's love!

Dave then introduced us to his friend Justin, who had a reputation of being really dangerous on the streets. With a huge "F...the Police" tattooed across his chest, he fit the profile. On the street corner, he experienced deliverance as we declared the mind of Christ over him and even felt the power of God hit his chest. He then turned around and prayed for Dave. They were both served LOVE by three preppy girls with LOTS of BIG ANGELS and a BIG GOD!

~ During a prayer time, one of our team members received the prophetic word "cookie". She had no idea what it meant. Later, we felt led by the Lord to stop at a psychic shop and the women inside was named "Cookie". She allowed us to pray for her and bless her. She was very receptive as we prophesied over her destiny and imparted the LOVE of God to her, all the while making a HUGE deposit of the Presence of God in that place!


~ During a worship service in NYC, the leader began to spontaneously sing, "let there be light" and as I sang with her, I felt something open up in me! As a five year old, I had experienced abuse from my father. In that moment, I was taken back to that place and began to cry from a deep place in my gut. Right then, God picked me up, held me, and was bouncing me on His hip while we worshiped. My crying turned to laughter as He began to shine His healing light on that wounded place.

~ Then, at the last CKE "seek" during worship, I felt a heaviness and knew God was doing something in me again. I realized I had to give up control and allow Him full access to the deep places inside of me. He then opened me up like a cabinet door and pulled out clusters of sin that looked like black stones. He highlighted some of those stones as "self hatred" and "hating my body." I confessed this as sin and felt God working and restoring me right there during worship.

God is so GOOD. He is always in a GOOD MOOD. He is WITHHOLDING NOTHING from us!!!

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  1. WOW guys, GREAT testimonies!!!! God is so faithful!! I really needed to hear those worship testimonies! This ministry continues to bless me on a daily basis!!!