Every year at CKE is simply amazing!!!! Life stays incredibly busy and so miraculous, with so many new faces and so many God-stories, that we can't even keep up with our blog and journal all of the details. Here are SOME of the highlights....there were just so many. Forgive us if we have missed anything and please add it in the comments below.


- Thousands of treasures have walked through our
apartment door and pursued God with radical passion in worship and prayer!
- Ministry with CKE is overwhelming. Many mak the best decision of their lives and accept Jesus on the streets and in our worship services. There are radical healing and miracles right before our eyes. Deliverance from demonic strongholds happen in the midst of worship. The accurate prophetic word of the Lord touches us all as we align our vision with His Kingdom perspective and destiny words began to take form and turn into reality.
- CKE BLISS in Manhattan and NJ continues to grow and expand as we dive into the Word of God on a weekly basis and watch God come in and teach us how to be a counter-culture to what is exemplified in NYC as LOVE, HONOR, and ENCOURAGEMENT became the theme of our lives.


- World changers meet rain, shine, or snow nearly every single
Thursday to see the love of God explode on the streets of NYC...there were literally Signs and Wonders In Manhattan every week. With "Treasure Hunting", "Dream Interpretation", "Tattoo Reading", "Random Acts of Kindness", "Prophetic Christmas Cards", and "Love Encounters"...many experience the compassion and the power of God on subways, in Starbucks, on the streets, in Grand Central Station, and in Port Authority bus terminal.
- There were CKE members who travel the world, ministering in Brazil, Mozambique with Iris Ministries, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Africa, India and many other pl
aces internationally and all over the U.S..

- CKE goes GLOBAL!!!!
- Two of our very first CKE members and le
aders, Matt and Star Hawks, moved back home to Memphis, TN and started CKE Memphis. In 2013, CKE Houston was birthed and are reaching a beautiful group of Jesus lovers in Texas. Our ceiling is their floor as they bring love, grace, and the Kingdom of God to a religion-soaked region.
- A fearless team of laid low lovers of Jesus went into the heart of Hinduism in India and demonstrated the power and extreme love of God with CKE India and are heading back there in 2014.
They experience what seemed to mirror the New Testament as people surrounded them on the streets asking for prayer and getting healed in their bodies.
- As we take communion regularly, we pray for God to "re-member" us with the men and women from around the world with whom we were to be connected in the body of Christ for this Kingdom mandate. He continues to do that over and over again with Kingdom alignments that will last a lifetime.
- Aaron's parents, Jim and Sherry Horton, followed a Kingdom mandate, leaving Texas and everything that couldn't fit in their car, to come live the life of faith and join the CKE leadership team.
- We had the extreme honor of ministering and leading worship with some generals in the faith who have greatly impacted our lives...Georgian Banov, Heidi Baker, Stacey Campbell, Doug Addison, Tracy Armstrong, Jamie Galloway, Mahesh Chavda, Matt Sorger, Lance Walnou, Julie Meyer, Robert Stearns, and many others.

Our hearts are full...our memory banks are overflowing...our faces are plastered with perpetual smiles...and our expectation for "the next" is beyond measure. There is simply nothing as fulfilling as living in this natural world with a Kingdom perspective. Life just keeps getting better and better!

Living like we've arrived!!!!!

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  1. Wow wow wow!!! I love when God blows our expectations out of the water!! He is so faithful and amazing! You guys rock! I'm so excited to see what 2011 brings!!