The Most Explosive CKE Yet!!

Last night 15 people gathered for our seventh CKE event. The atmosphere was filled with expectation & we came prepared for God to speak & move! And HE did...beyond our expectation!! Some of the key words released last night were:

* Supernatural Unity is happening among us, which paves the way for a massive move of God, like that of Azusa Revival...but it'll be even greater because of the times we live in!

* God knows what He has invested in us and He's putting a demand on His investment. He's a wise Businessman!

* All of us are LEADERS - it's like right here in this room we're at a Round table at the White House

* II Cor. 4:7 "We have this treasure in earthen vessels so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God."

* Our obedience is our anointing...out of obedience comes blessing

* What's in your hand? Surrender the 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes in your hand & I will bless, break & multiply what's in your hand?

* Reign in my Authority in what I've called you to do

* Grab the scepter...when Egypt was in famine & crisis - God set Joseph as the leader with the answers. So grab the scepter & rule in what God has called you to do!

* Daniel 3 - Three Hebrew young men who did not compromise even though they lived in an evil empire

* No more excuses!!

* No can define us...because they didn't design us!

* The power of Creation is in your hands. Just as He created & FASHIONED the world out of nothing...He has empowered you IN HIM, to influence your world with His creative power!


  1. PRAISE HIM!!!!! He is so good all the time and I am encouraged to hear how he goes before us and prepares the way. You never know how he is going to show up and work- just keep looking. I was in a Starbucks several weeks ago after church with friends. We were talking about church and music etc.. A few minutes later the girl from the next table asked a question about cheribims. She was writing a paper for a college class and heard us talking about God so she thought she would ask. We were able to answer her question and even ask a few of her. I pray God will continue to reveal himself to her.

    Our prayers are powerful and effective so keep seeking and keep praying and do be watching. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to look around and we miss the beauty that God has put out there for us to enjoy and along the way we miss lots of signs.

    Go make a difference today and everyday.

  2. The hairs on my arms were standing straight up the WHOLE time I read the account of the last CKE meeting. THE whole time! SO many statements confirmed what I have been hearing in my conversations with God. WOW! This is better than.... chocolate! :-) hee hee!