Once again, God exceeded our expectations at the S.W.I.M. event in Columbus Circle and Central Park!!! Eleven radical lovers of God decided to get outside of the "norm" and came expecting a move of God. The week had been filled with pointed prayer towards this landmark day in midtown NYC.

The team met together and garnered lots of attention as we prayed for and wrote down the specific "clues" as to where we were to go and who to minister the love of Jesus to. We then broke into small groups of 2 and spent the next 3 hours "changing the atmosphere" in Columbus Circle.

Previously in prayer, God had shown us a picture of a piece of cardboard with "Need a miracle? Free Prayer!" on it. The response was amazing. Nine different people came up to the group with the sign and asked for prayer. It was awesome to see the results from a strategy given by Holy Spirit.

Jay, a Jewish man, was very open and receptive and asked for prayer for family reconciliation. Lauren and Jana were blown away that someone would care enough to tell them about the love of God. Natalie and Emily had just arrived from Ohio and asked for prayer for a Rabbi they had met on the plane who was on his way to minister in Darfur. God totally touched them as well!!!

We prayed for skateboard tricks to come easily, two people to be healed from cancer, miraculous opportunities to come, job clarity, finances, a blind eye to be healed, and were even able to pray for a monk who asked for a closer relationship with Jesus. It was awesome!!!

Randi and Felicia were walking towards our team, when two psychics cut them off to read their palms. The team just prayed and waited until they were finished, then said "We believe in the power of God so much that we are willing to give you $20 to replace what you paid the psychic if you will let us pray for you." They said, "Yes, we are looking for answers." They encountered the Presence of God!!!

All together, 25 different people from all walks of life with many different needs were touched individually, right in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world. It was truly an honor!!!


  1. We all kept saying, "How can it get any better than this?" all day long. People were SOOOO open to the love of God! Well, at least most of them were... Someone PLEASE tell the "Christ Crispies" story. Too funny!

  2. This was a day like no other!! I have never experienced anything like it!! There is a group of people in New York that are going to bed tonight thinking about God in a while new way!!

  3. Sorry Team, I meant to say whole new way!!

  4. Today was no small thing! :) It was fun, fun, fun going on adventures with God...He even shifted the weather for was originally supposed to snow but He gave us sunny & 68 instead!!

  5. First of all, I'm honored to be a part of what CKE is doing in this amazing city! God has used this ministry to draw out gifts in me that I never thought I had and tapping into things I've never experienced before all because of the obedience that was taken to start this ministry! Wow!!!

  6. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I agree with everything, there are no words! We are changing this city, it belongs to us! As Christ is in us the HOPE OF GLORY. Jesus you reign over this city!