Love Encounters All Over Columbus Circle!!!

Last Thursday night, there were "Love Encounters" happening all over Columbus Circle! It was sooooo awesome.

We began the evening by praying together and asking God for the "prophetic clues" for our Treasure Hunt. You could feel the love beginning to grow in all of our hearts as we asked God to "open our eyes beyond the exterior to see those who were blind, hurting, broken-hearted, and in need." Many came that night to go shopping, get a cup of coffee, or just relax...THEY GOT JESUS!

Here are some of the testimonies:

- We talked to a lady in Starbucks who was Buddhist. She wanted prayer for her parents to have long life.

- There was a young lady and her friend by the name of Emily in Whole Foods who wanted prayer for a job. The girls sat down at the table where they were eating and prayed for both of them, who were totally receptive.

- We prayed for a woman in a wheel chair who had just arrived today with her daughter from Germany for a 10 day vacation in NYC! I prayed for healing for the mother and a wonderful trip. What a welcome for them and first impression!

- We prayed for a pregnant woman working at Bebe. I first told her how beautiful she was and then I asked her if I could pray for the baby and the birth. What mom wouldn't want prayer for that?! I sensed she really appreciated it and needed the encouragement.

- Spoke to a Muslim man about Jesus. That Jesus came to die for our sins so we could be with Him in Heaven. It was probably the first time he'd ever heard about Jesus. I prayed that the Lord would reveal himself to him and he thanked me! WOW!!!!!

- Tonight we told many people that Jesus loved them, God wasn’t mad at them, and that He was in a good mood!! I saw a guy by the name of Ray walking on the third floor of the mall, and then I saw him again later downstairs. I told him we were treasure hunting and that he wasn’t on my map at all, but since this was the second time I had seen him, I knew it was God. I was able to talk to Him about how amazing God’s love is. He said he knew that God has sent me because he needed to be reminded that God remembered him.

- I feel like everyone I spoke to and prayed for received it and felt blessed. Once I started stepping out, it got easier and easier. I was so encouraged to know that I was being a vessel for the Lord. It was a lot of fun!

- At the end of the evening as we met to share testimonies, one of the team members had just arrived, and missed the outreach. She was wearing an animal print jacket, which happened to be one of the clues on our list. We laid hands on her and thanked God for touching her body because she had been sick and in lots of pain for days. She was instantly HEALED!!! Praise God. She thought she was coming to go "Treasure Hunting", but instead, she was the Treasure." YAY GOD!!!


  1. It is such and honor doing KINGDOM BUSINESS with these people!

  2. Wow! What AMAZING, radical encounters of heaven's atmosphere right here on earth - in NYC!!

  3. I love all of you! Wish i could have been there but it is awesome to know we are all spreading His glory through this city!!!!! NYC belongs to Jesus!

  4. That is definitely a YAY GOD! What a day

  5. I don't know what happened to my previous comment so I will just leave another one!! This was an amazing night!! I loved watching people's faces light up and we told them that their daddy God loves them and has a plan for them!! There is nothing like it!!