20 Representing Millions!!!

What happens when 20 hungry people come together for ONE PURPOSE...HIS FACE!!!!

The room could hardly contain the heart and passion for MORE of Him...GREATER measure of His Glory...ABUNDANCE of souls into the Kingdom...Love RESOUNDING in our worship...His Word REVEALED...More Lord!!!!

God opened up the WORD to us around the room in a beautiful way:

- Rom 8:38 "...Nothing shall separate us from the love of God..."
- Num 6:24-26 "...the Lord make His face shine upon you..."
- Isa 64:1-4 "...make your name known...Nations tremble at Your Presence..."
- Mark 8:1-10 "...Jesus had compassion on the multitude...fed 4000 with 7 loaves and a few small fishes...They ate and were FILLED (satisfied)."
- Rom 8:15 "You did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of Adoption by whom we cry out, ABBA, ABBA."


We are living in the tension of 2 worlds....ONE where we are completely satisfied in Him and ONE where we are soooo ravenously hungry for MORE of Him. Where there is friction....stuff happens. There was an illustration of one substance on it's own that just "is", but when you put it together with something completely different, they become explosive together.

The tension of these 2 worlds have come together tonight to create:
- An "energy-rich" environment
- An explosive "creativity-rich" environment
- An "idea-rich" environment
- A "fertile-rich" environment


- "I am planting you in this rich soil...digging out the old, stale, hard soil. He is placing us into new soil, that is full of life, oxygen, and food...Transplanting equals Transformation in the Spirit"
- "There is something deepening...there is a deeper unity and camaraderie...it's a new day with new meaning and new purpose. It's deeper than yesterday. It's fresh. It's alive. It's new. It's fertile. It's growing. It's deep. Things got cut away, so that things that are only of God can be brought to the next level. He is pruning us all to move forward unhindered and unencumbered. Be willing to lay on the operating table as long as it takes. He is getting us to the place of who we REALLY ARE. I am GLORIFIED when you bear much fruit!"

- Isa 45:8 "...Heavens rain down righteousness...let the earth open...let them bring forth salvation and let righteousness spring up together....I, the Lord, have created it."

ABIDE - Every answer for every question is found in this place!
- John 15:1-16 "I am the true vine and my Father is the vine dresser...ABIDE IN ME as I ABIDE IN YOU..."


- Laugh in the face of the enemy
- See yourself free...What do I look like FREE? See it! Believe it! Let that vision be on the forefront of everything else you see and do. Hold onto that vision TIGHT and FAST.
- It all boils down to "Believing"


  1. The quotes of the night were:

    "Jesus is HOT!" & "That is some good fire!"

  2. I'm blown away by Abba's love & the passion of HIS children's pursuit of His face!!