Living Backwards, Upside Down and Impossible

So this is what we are called to do....our job live backwards, upside down, and absolutely impossible. Isn't that just like God? The funny thing is that to Him, it is totally forward, right side up, and not only possible, but NORMAL.

So...are there really people who have chosen to live completely "unfashionable" in this society? Jesus did. He said that in order to live, we must die. In order to find life, we must lose it. Though He was rich, He became poor. Though He was King, He became a servant to all. It is a decision to go as absolutely low as possible, placing yourself in a posture of complete dependence on the One who is fully dependable.

You see...When you know that the Creator of the Universe truly wants you to access everything He is and literally overtake you with abundance, you don't have to promote yourself. You don't have to strive. You don't have to walk in fear and doubt. You simply believe that you are accepted, loved, cherished, and not only in relationship, but actually co-laboring with the One who is withholding NOTHING from you.

So, what do you say? Shall we live totally "unfashionable" in this society, daring to believe that God will exalt us, provide for us, surround us with favor, and let His power be displayed through our lives? I'm in....are you?

What happens when a hungry group of men and women come together for one purpose...His Face! The Word of God infused our worship as the fragrance of Heaven filled the room. In a prophetic act, we released our will to Him and stepped over into total dependence on a trustworthy God, with NO BACK-UP PLAN.

The men of CKE got totally blasted as the women surrounded them and spoke to the greatness of God in their lives...calling them to be men of integrity, purity, lovers of the Word, worshipers, and leaders with Kingdom purpose.

Last week in Columbus Circle, 6 radical men and women broke through the facade of happiness, wealth, and success to let people know that God loved them and had a plan for their lives. It was a beautiful encounter that they never expected, but I know they will never forget. Prophetic words and miraculous healing happened right in the lobby of the Time Warner Center.

God is so good and this is THE GOOD LIFE!!!!


  1. this SO blessed me today. I'm in too!!!!! i want to live backwards and upside down

  2. I am totally in!!!!! Bring on the backwards, upside down, and impossible!!!!

  3. Awesome!! I want God's Normal to be my Normal!! WOOHOO!! Bring it Lord!!

  4. Amen to that! Continue to build His Kingdom in NYC! I was so blessed to take part in the last CKE meeting and I’m a bit saddened that I cannot come tomorrow...

  5. I am SOOOOO in and love seeing God made BIG!!!