July 2009 ~ A month of Kingdom Realities!!!

At CKE, we are choosing to view our world, through the eyes of Abba Father's outrageous love and His constantly overflowing goodness!! God has a great track record - He has never, ever, ever, EVER failed...He's brilliant at being GOD...so we are 'sentenced' to victory when our trust is in Him!!

What an exciting month we've had...here are some highlights from July:

July 4th - Fireworks!!!
We had 27 people at our 4th of July party...from an overflowing table of food, to making new friends, to playing Catchphrase on the terrace, to watching some phenomenal fireworks...it was an amazing day which ended with impromptu ministry to three young men who came over for the first time. God radically touched each one of their lives...one of them, after having been prayed for, said, "I feel so free." They were so impacted by the selfless love everyone showered on them...yay God!!!

CKE Kids
Our first CKE Kids launched on July 16th. We spent the afternoon training them on how to 'Treasure Hunt' and go on adventures with Holy Spirit. In an hour, we impacted 21 lives with the love of God. They were prayed for, encouraged and blown away that God highlighted them. The kids had fun & were so excited that they too could hear God's voice and see people encountering God's presence. They can't wait to go 'Treasure Hunting' again!!!

Single in the City - For Ladies Only...
On Tuesday, July 21st, 14 women gathered to take an honest and nonreligious look at dating, purity, and sexual values in our culture.

In a society where purity in character and relationships seems archaic, boring and 'holier-than-thou', God is raising up a generation that choose to walk in His freedom and value HIS heart above the compromise and bondage that the enemy offers. Even if we have failed, God's heart is for our complete restoration.

We've received such great feedback from the first session...

"This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for being real."

"Now that I'm saved, I need to know how to relate to Christian guys...(Single in the City) helps me in this..."

"Knowing that others have the same questions and struggles, helps me to know I'm not alone in this journey... thank you for doing this...it is SO needed."

There are more exciting events lined up for "Single in the City"...stay tuned for more details!!!

We live during a time, where the thin line between heaven and earth is closing in and God is calling His Bride to say "YES" to His heart and influence our world with demonstrations of His love. Whoever we are, wherever we're from, all God is asking for, is a heart that says, "Yes, use me." Dream big with God and you may be surprised what He does in and through you!!


  1. God is so faithful!! I love that we live in a state of total dependency on Him!!

  2. God - You are sooooo brilliant at doing life. Thank you for showing off!!!! This is ALL FOR YOU!

  3. I love the CKE kids update. It's so inspiring. I hope to be able to raise my children to except this stuff as "normal" christian life. A generation that has such intimacy with God, that signs and miracles are such a part of daily life that it is always expected and still remains AWESOME! Heaven here on earth...