We had an amazing CKE event last Saturday...numerous immediate healings, powerful salvation encounters, life altering transformations, and a rich awareness of the Presence of JESUS...isn't our God spectacular?

We saw 2 people healed of heel spurs, a young Hindu man accept Jesus as his Savior, 1 spine straighten, someone healed from stuttering, someone healed of migraine headaches, and a young lady baptized in the Holy Spirit...it was the Bible becoming real and Heaven on earth!!!

Signs & Wonders...Staten Island Ferry

Don't you love when God unexpectedly decides to show up and show off!!!! Who would have thought that a leisurely ride on the Staten Island Ferry would result in crazy GOD ENCOUNTERS? We sat down next to Laura, who out of the blue said that her foot hurt really bad from an excruciating bone spur she had for years. As we prayed for her, her foot began to get really warm, so we encouraged her to test it out. She began jumping up and down, dancing and screaming, saying "Come get healed...come get healed!" We made quite a scene on the ferry - Yay God!

After that, Valli, who was sitting on the other side asked us to pray for her finances and anxiety. In talking to her about the love of God, and just seeing what God had done for Laura, she asked Jesus into heart!!!! Woo Hoo - Huge party in Heaven!!!! She had big tears rolling down her face and said she just felt really good all over. Awwwww....this stuff just wrecks me!

Single In The City...for Ladies only!

We had a phenomenal 3 week series taking an honest and nonreligious look at dating, purity, and sexual values in today's society. Imagine a group of beautiful, talented and successful women radiating the love and glory of God who are committed to living lives of purity in their singleness, dating, courting, engagement, and marriages. What a privilege to be able to stand up on our wedding day and after years of marriage, knowing that our lives are a sign and wonder in the midst of a world that fights against everything we stand for and believe in. Stay tuned for more "Single in the City" events!!!!

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  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God rocks!!!! He never ceases to amaze me!! CKE has created an enviroment that has allowed me to go places with God that I never thought was possible; seeing signs and wonders on a daily basis!!!!! What more could ever possible need? Shaba