What a month it's been so far...filled with many encounters of God invading our impossible!

One of the central themes at CKE has been FOCUS. In a season when many are looking for jobs...fear is coming from every is tight...the world seems to be getting darker...and uncertainty is trying to take root...there is only ONE solution! We must be a people with dedicated let Him captivate our gaze and not let it be diverted from His face. God is lovingly calling us to look to Him and trust in His promises. As that happens, He is able to invade our impossible situations, thus making Heaven's reality become our earthly reality. That is GOOD NEWS!!!!

Sept. 5th - CKE

We had an amazing time of worship directly before God's throne, experiencing waves of His rich presence. Many prophetic words were declared to individuals, propelling them into their destinies. One of our men read Isaiah 43:21 saying "The people whom I formed for Myself will declare My praise." A prophetic song was released..."I was formed for Your Praise. I was formed for Your fame. It's the reason why I live..."

Sept. 11th - Ministry down at the World Trade Center site

A small group went downtown in the rain to be "love personified" to the hurting people who experienced such loss 8 years ago. It was amazing how fresh the wound of that day still seemed as thousands filled the area with tears running down their faces. One fireman, who was a survivor of the day, but lost many friends and family on 9/11, spent 45 minutes telling us his story. He had a face to face encounter with LOVE! At the end of the day, we met Kathy, who had just sprained her knee down on the wet pavement. She sadly told the story of what she saw that day, then let us pray for her. Her eyes widened as most of the pain went away immediately. Five minutes later, she walked by without a limp. Yay God!!!

Sept. 19th - CKE

We began the night releasing testimonies around the room. It was amazing! (Rev. 19:10 "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.") The atmosphere was charged with the knowledge that what He has done, He will do again! At one point during worship, Holy Spirit led us to use our own voices as instruments to release sounds of worship...this created multiple sounds weaving beautifully together as one sound of worship went up before the Lord.

Flippin People - There was a word given to one of our guys, who is a real estate developer: "In the same way you 'flip houses', God will use you to 'flip people.' Drug addicts will be transformed into businessmen. You will be used to create supernatural 'rags to riches' stories where lives will be radically changed as they move instantly from one dynamic to another dynamic living out their Kingdom purpose."

NYC Encounters... Healing on Park Avenue...

A key part of CKE is to cover NYC in prayer. Every Wednesday we take ground with our feet and through prophetic intercession on the streets of Manhattan. Some of the locations we've covered so far have been: MTV, NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, Fashion Ave (5th Ave), Fashion Houses (Armani, Dior), and Park Ave.

At the last NYC Encounter, one of our team members, who recently got saved in July, joined us. Her back was in intense pain and she was unable to bend down. Right there on Park Avenue, we laid hands on her and watched God immediately heal her back. All pain was gone. She was able to bend down and do what she couldn't do before!!

JT, one of our CKE men, gave us this challenge: "Never be afraid to let your light shine. There are so many hurting people out there, and we have something they don't have. We just can't hide it and keep it to ourselves." SHINE His love on everyone you meet today!

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