Imagine a body of believers that are so together in unity that not one person is left behind as entire groups tap into the heart of God and experience His tangible, transforming Presence. What if we had this mindset: We will not let anyone be left behind in what they’re believing and dreaming for. Imagine the breakthroughs and creativity that would come out of that culture of unity and encouragement!

When we corporately begin to make much of the Word of God, pursue His Presence, declare the reality of Heaven instead of the natural "facts", and dream the dreams that He has placed in our inmost being, then we will see transformation on a large scale. We will be examples of purity, of supernatural peace that passes all understanding, and perfect love in the face of fear. The world will have no choice but to take notice!


As Bill Johnson says, “The ‘reach’ of His presence is transformational in nature, changing the climate that people live under.” There may be many areas in our lives that need God’s transforming work. Even now, just focus on one area that you desire change in, and as you believe God’s truth, instead of the ‘impossibility’ of that situation, you will begin to experience radical changes for the better.

It all begins with seeing ourselves as God sees us, thinking what God thinks, and speaking what God speaks. Whether it's getting out of debt, improving in time management, overcoming a physical or emotional issue, or a sin that keeps us in its grip...the enemy would want us to buy the lie that we are powerless and nothing is changing. But, when we put our trust in God’s word and see our lives from His perspective, He gives us the supernatural ability to be who He’s called us to be. The very area the enemy wants us to be bound in, is the very area God will begin to use us in powerfully!


Make a declaration today, to speak LIFE and HOPE over your lives, dreams, and relationships! Unbelief and fear will fulfill their own expectations if we give place to them. As you choose to speak in alignment with what God says, the Lord will bring increase and restoration. From that place of building a foundation of Heaven's reality with your words, it has no choice but to supersede the natural "facts" that may be surrounding you.


What would life be like without dreams? God is the One who gave us the ability to dream and it's so good to know He hasn’t given up on our dreams, or on us. When we release the pain and disappointment of unfulfilled dreams and begin to dream again with the One who created dreams, He imparts hope and life into us.

Isaiah 42:3 says, "A bruised reed He will not break and a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; He will faithfully bring forth justice.”

Even if our dreams are a bruised reed or a dimly burning wick, His breath is powerful enough to breathe fulfillment and give us the strategies to see those dreams be made manifest in the natural.What better time than now to see your dreams come alive? What better people than you and me? God has good intentions for your life...the Dreamer is in the room...what are you willing to dream about with Him?

There is a dream that is straight from the heart of God. That dream is for men and women to begin to see the reality of Heaven take natural form and effect not only them personally, but begin to cause everyone around them to be caught up in the draft of their transformation. Let's take a stand together to see NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!

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  1. I tried to post a comment earlier but it appears lost in cyber space. anyway. thanks for writing this. it is helpful and spoke to me today what I really needed. YHWH bless you.