The evening started before
there were even any introductions with a clear prophetic word as Holy Spirit completely took over. ~ There is a ‘cupid’ angel in the room. The Lord is going to assign more ‘cupid’ angels all over this room. These angels are going to follow you guys. Not just for the single people, but for those who are married as well. They are trumpeting LOVE, the LOVE of God, and a LOVE for each other over you. Hear the sound of love. The season of singleness is over!


Hear the sound of love. There is a frequency o
f love that the world and creation depends on. Love is the culture of the Kingdom of God that is within you. You are the expression of love. God created you to be, the very expression of love in Heaven, here on earth. There is a vibration of love that will shake the nations, because you are a reflection of Jesus, who is PERFECT LOVE. Even as the vibration that is within you will shake the nations, imagine what happens when relationships are formed to create notes, melodies, chords and harmonies. This is the sound and the music God has written that is coming together... shaking, moving, and perfecting.


Romance is related to royalty in the Kingdom of God. Only when you truly know who you are in Christ, as one who is an “heir of God and joint heir w
ith Christ” (Rom 8:17), can you truly love as you were created to love. In the midst of a society where divorce is prevalent, covenant is cheapened by selfishness and convenience, and love is mistaken for lust or greed, how can we find TRUE ROMANCE? It is in the place of intimacy with God, where He is telling us who we are, then inviting us into this EPIC LOVE STORY with Him. Here we realize we are not orphans scrambling for anything we can get, but instead sons and daughters of a Father whose resources are immeasurable, and whose love is perfect.

(spontaneous songs)

Spirit of Romance come...awaken our hearts...awaken the sleeping he
arts...let love’s fragrance fill the air, intoxicating air like a thousand roses...take our hands and lead us out of the shadows into the light of Your garden. Let it be safe for us to be fully known...for You to receive us the warmth of Your safety, where we can truly be ourselves in intimacy with God. Look with Your eyes into the faces of each of us God and impart the bearing of royalty. Impart the substance of who we are in You...the spirit of adoption. As You awaken our desire for You, we realize that our love and passion has been asleep. Burn in our hearts from the inside out. Let us be Your gold. Let us be men and women who know we carry this huge resource of Your Kingdom. Spirit of Romance come! Cover us with Your Love!


Love wins as God resurrects that which has been broken and dead. Jesus is writing His children’s LOVE STORY, and He wants US to consume the world with it!!!! The picture of Hollywood is fading. The picture they have painted of love is fading. The
world is waiting to see real love and real romance. As you have unveiled your heart, EPIC LOVE STORIES have begun to unfold. God is establishing the standard of purity that reveals perfect that can never be for a lifetime. That purity draws us into worship, making us beautiful, and stirs up a love that is real and untainted. Love is in the air!


Jesus is fighting for you! He is here winning your trust back, from those who have broken your trust. Angels are aligning you. New breed. Transformation. You thought you were headed one way, but He is aligning you in a different and right direction. Holy alignment. New friendships. Wholly aligned. New relationships. Marriages that are a sign and a wonder. Holy alignments...everything to glorify the Lord. There is a red carpet in the Spirit where people are being aligned in Kingdom relationships. I did not create you to be alone. You were created for relationship. You were created for love. You were created for relationships in love. You may not see it, but I am working on your behalf. Be alone no more. I’ve created you for love. The King is escorting the bride down the red carpet and pairing people off. There is a pot sitting over a fire in the hearts of everyone in the room. Inside of that pot, love is marinating!!!


With great leaders all around us who have marriages that are falling apart, there is an assault of the enemy, not only against existing marriages, but also marriages that have yet to take place. There are “BABIES OF LOVE” that the enemy is trying to kill even as Herod, in his fear, killed babies of a certain age in order to attempt to kill Jesus.
The enemy is trying to implant seeds of fear that will choke out the love that God has planted into hearts of men and women who have fully committed themselves to Kingdom purpose. It is imperative to rise up against this spirit of fear. It is time for Godly marriages and relationships. They are crucial in this hour to be a sign and a wonder. Marriage is the reflection of Jesus and the Bride. It is time for a group of radical lovers of God to be joined together in covenant relationships because they must break the back of divorce and break the back of fear. This isn’t just ‘fear of marriage’, it is FEAR...Godly marriages are key to breaking the back of FEAR because perfect love casts out all fear!


We declare that our relationships will be a reflection of the selfless, pure love of Jesus. We declare that we will stand up at the altar of marriage as a sign and a wonder with no regrets as a testimony to the nations. We declare that existing marriages will be restored to the picture God painted them to be from the beginning. We declare that PURE LOVE is rising to the forefront!!!


  1. Wow...this was by far my favorite blog to post. Just listening to the recordings from our last CKE and remembering the sweetness of the night just filled my heart with such joy and deep expectation. Once again...everything has changed. Oh how I LOVE LOVE!!!!

  2. From Max Myers:
    What a great message. So well expressed! This I believe is a part of the foundation for what God is building at CKE. Isn't it wonderful to not have to try to make something happen, but instead just open the door and let Him in? Keep listening for the knock at the door, because He will be stopping by often.

    Love and Blessings,
    Pastor Max

  3. This was beautiful. Thank you God for your perfect Love!!!! I am grasping the true gift of love in its fullness more every day. More Love Lord!!!! James and I miss all you "CKE-ers". We're lovesick! Can't wait to see you soon

  4. This is SO what God is doing, I get excited as I see confirmation after confirmation on how he is calling us to our bridal identity - how He longs to be known as the Bridegroom God. Amazing!!
    ~ Jen D.

  5. I feel this stirring in my heart!!!! This is such a beautiful word. God is opening up HIS LOVE to us in greater measure. It is the ONE THING that must infiltrate every aspect of our lives. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I am so excited to see what God is doing with CKE!

  6. Being a young, Christian, single woman, I've heard a lot of words about relationships...but this word is absolutely anointed for this HOUR. After reading this, I'm encouraged & can feel God moving & working out all the details regarding my life partner. My single days are quickly dwindling...I'm taking this word for me! What a prophetic picture of us as the Bride being prepared to meet our Bridegroom...soon and very soon we are going to see the King!

  7. Hi Aaron! I so appreciate your blog, and the timeliness of what you shared. The worship renewal has been preparing us for the next present move of the Spirit. Jesus is wooing his Bride, drawing her into unity, awakening her Personhood, defining her identity -- those who are not willing to become intimate with Him will miss the richness of relationship He wants to pour out in us and through us. Keep writing, girl. Stay close to Him! See you on Facebook! Blessings, Debbye

  8. Hi Aaron

    We will be in New York on the weekend of Feb 10th. I believe that New York will be a center of revival when conviction falls on many within the city. The Word and the Spirit will become alive once again in a city that has went off track. Very similar to the days of Charles Finney. It will be popular to become a Christian once again and New York will be one of the many cities on the East Coast that will spread revival.

    Good Word. We will be praying in your City that weekend.

    God Bless. Ron